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Imagine more produce and products than Whole Foods at deep discounts right here in Norway!



Easy access, savings, and pick-up from UNFI, Rainforest Distribution (formerly Associated Buyers), Crown O’ Maine, Frontier Co-op, Tierra Farm. and Albert's. To preorder, you must be a Member-Owner of Fare Share Food Co-op, and we ask that preorders be pre-paid. Member-Owners are charged a 20% markup on pre-orders (compared to 30%-50% retail!). Apply to be a Member-Owner


  1. Click on the button above.

  2. Click “Register as a new user.”

  3. Check your email for confirmation (this may take a day or two). Call 743-9044 to have this happen immediately.

  4. Once confirmed, log in and start shopping.

  5. Place an item in your cart. There is no Submit button.

  6. You'll be responsible for payment for whatever is in your cart.

  7. Check the items in your cart before you log out.

  8. You'll receive confirmation that the order has been placed via email.

  9. We'll call you when your order is in the store.

  10. There will be a 20% mark-up on your order as a Member-Owner. And a 55% mark-up if you are not a Member-Owner.

  11. Become a Member-Owner first, and save money.

  12. Pay for your order at the register. Thanks!​​

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