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Become a Fare Share member-owner today!


Fare Share Food Co-op member-owners invest to support the viability and growth of our Co-op. Each member-owner is a shareholder in the business and is therefore entitled to all voting and decision-making rights as outlined in the Bylaws and as determined by the Board of Directors. These rights and responsibilities include voting in Board elections, running for a position on the Board, and voting on important matters that are brought to a vote by member-owners. Member-ownership is limited to individuals 18 years of age or older. Each member-owner invests $75 and receives a member-owner ID number. Please see below for member-ownership payment options.


Fare Share Food Cooperative member-owners make a one-time equity investment of $75. Full payment is preferable, as the Co-op relies upon member-owner investment for its growth and sustainability. However, if potential member-owners are unable to make their investment with one payment, they may make quarterly payments of $25 each. Contact us for more information.


Please note that if you are on a payment plan, your $25 installment payments are due every three months until you have reached $75. If you choose to delay a payment, your member-ownership is put on hold until you make that payment. To vote in our annual elections, your equity payments must be current as of 30 days before the election.


The Co-op also provides a reduced equity investment to individuals on public assistance, for as long as the individual receives that subsidy. Government assistance includes: Food Stamps (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, WIC, General Assistance, Family Health, and Section 8 Housing. To activate the low-income option, the member-owner provides a copy of their eligibility letter from DHHS (or the municipality if receiving General Assistance) with their member-owner application.


If a member-owner decides to leave the Co-op (divest from the Co-op), your Common Share is refundable. To request to divest from the Co-op, contact us and you will receive a form to fill out and return. A member-owner leaving the Co-op is also allowed to donate their equity to the Co-op or transfer it to a new member-owner. Contact us for information about any of these options.


  • Support a cooperatively-owned business dedicated to our community and the local economy

  • Receive a Patronage Distribution when the Co-op earns surplus income

  • Take advantage of quarterly Member-Owner Appreciation Days

  • Access exclusive member-owner sales throughout the store every day

  • Place and receive a discount for most bulk orders

  • Have a voice in the Co-op and vote at meetings

  • Vote for the Board of Directors -or- join the Board of Directors`

  • Volunteer on committees and meet up with other member-owners

  • Earn community service hours for discounts in the store

  • Attend Co-op events and workshops at special member-owner rates

  • Help grow Maine’s local food economy

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